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Our rapport with large pharmacies, clinics
and other healthcare providers allows us
to operate quickly and efficiently.


Medical Records,
Review and Summaries,
Bates Stamping,
Optical Character Scanning (OCR),
Chronological Sorting
Digital Media


Access client records via our
real-time, online database. When
we receive the data, we make it
available to you.

About Us

Consumer Attorney Record Services (CARS) streamlined process and trained staff take the guess work out of medical record retrieval. CARS is an end-to-end solution partner for all your medical record retrieval needs. No other company offers the same national provider access to over 80,000 facilities. CARS saves you time and money and opens up valuable law firm resources better spent on building your cases.

CARS is a perfect partner for medical record retrieval and your medical record reviews. We understand the needs of law firms with all aspects of litigation whether it is high volume mass tort litigation, personal injury, medical malpractice, disability, or workers compensation claims. CARS supports all legal case types, and provides cost efficient access to all your medical record needs.

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