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Top 10 Reasons Consumer Attorney Record Services Is the Best Choice for Your Firm

  • 10Robust, customizable review and consulting services
  • 9 Advanced, comprehensive provider database
  • 8 Financing available through settlement
  • 7 Top quality, thoroughly vetted medical professionals
  • 6 Complete transparency throughout retrieval process
  • 5 One-stop shop – full spectrum of review services
  • 4 Flat rate retrieval fees with no hidden charges
  • 3 Lowest possible provider fees with use of HITECH request
  • 2 Fastest retrieval services in the industry
  • 1 The CAMG Advantage of bundled services –
  • CAMG contract processing division (CACS) integrates HIPAA & HITECH forms with Fee Agreement signing
  • Faster turnaround as orders created in real-time at contract signing
  • Costs are reimbursable
  • Reduce your staff’s time & labor costs as we create the orders

Our bundled services add value to your firm by saving you time, cost and effort