How It Works

How the Retrieval Process Works


Once a request has been created and appropriate documents uploaded, CARS reviews the information submitted and examines the validity of the HIPAA/HITECH compliant authorization and any supporting documents (Death Certificate, Power of Attorney, Letters of Authorization, etc.).

Once approved, the request is immediately sent to our Verification Department. We contact the facility to confirm:

  • Correct facility contact information
  • Quickest way the facility will accept a request
  • Facility requirements for retreiving medical records

We will immediately communicate with you if additional documentation/information is needed. We allow up to 72 hours for completing this process. We find that verification is the best way to avoid deficiencies.


We submit the request the quickest way the facility will accept the documentation. You receive confirmation after the request is submitted. The original submission paperwork is uploaded to the database for client convenience. Everything can be tracked in real-time using our online portal.


Getting your records back from the providers is only half the battle. We go through all the documents and make sure everthing that was requested has been delivered. We even look for and flag items such as manufacturer labels and other important documents. When we receive slides, radiology films, and CD’s, we send them directly to you so you have the originals.

Arrival of Records:
Our review team compares original requested documentation to insure all requested information is included. Documents are scanned, OCR’d, and uploaded to our Client Portal for immediate client access. We will obtain a written NO RECORDS FOUND document if a facility does not have the records requested.

Facility Invoices Received:
Our review team compares invoices to state statutes to ensure the client has not been overcharged. We immediately pre-pay facility charges for quick turnaround. We contact the client for approval only if facility charge is greater than the predetermined limit. The request will be “HELD” until we receive client approval.


When interfacing with this many different facilities, there are bound to be rejected documents. We always try to rectify it directly with the facility, but in some cases we need a different document or format from the client. We have messaging services built right into our database that allow you to help fix client deficiencies as fast as possible.

  • Deficiencies are rejections from the facility that require an action
  • When we receive a deficiency, we will notify you IMMEDIATELY for quick resolution
  • Rejections can be from any of the following:
  • Facility specific HIPAA needed
  • Patient address issues
  • Aliases, and much much more....