Review Services

Review Services

CARS offers complete medical Review Services specifically designed for the plaintiff mass tort and personal injury attorney. Reviewing medical records is essential to understanding the strengths and weaknesses of every case. Whether you are handling a significant injury case or screening and qualifying hundreds of mass tort cases, CARS is your perfect medical record partner.

Review can be cost-prohibitive and an inefficient use of attorney and staff time. Outsourcing your medical record reviews to CARS experienced review team is a cost effective and perfect solution. Your outsourcing costs are all recoverable, billable, client costs.

Our team can provide you concise medical summaries, mass tort grids, chronologies, and other Review Services that allow you to make critical decisions. All reviews are tailored to fit your specific needs, targeting key criteria within the litigation.

Review Services:

  • Chronologies
  • Summaries
  • Special Reports
  • Mass Tort Settlement Grid
  • Plaintiff Fact Sheet Preparation
  • Narrative Summaries
  • Mass Tort Grid
  • Deposition Summaries


  • Fast & Efficient
  • Billable Case Cost
  • Experienced & Dedicated Review Staff
  • Multilevel Quality Control
  • We Work as an Extension of Your Office
  • Tailored to Your Needs
  • HIPPA Compliant
  • Clear Concise Reporting
  • Targets Key Case Criteria
  • Safe & Secure Client Portal
  • Partnering with CARS will truly make a difference saving you time and money.
  • Call CARS today for your Review needs.
  • Let CARS do five Reviews at no charge, so you can see the CARS advantage yourself.
  • Seamless integration from CARS record retrieval to record review and all CAMG services.